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Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Activities - Wedding and Sending Hiresh off!

Uncle Jhan's and Aunty Evelyn's Wedding in Assunta Church in K.L: The Lovely Bride and Groom

Masheyr, Ethan, Kyara and I in our wedding outfits - we were supposed to be helping mum distribute the wedding cake. Oops!

Swimming exercise at the hotel so that we could fit into our wedding dinner outfits!

Kiren and I all ready! For once, i look taller than my 12 year old cousin!

Kyara and I with Baby Nicholas - he's hiding behind her hair. So cute =)

This is Hiresh's scholarship ceremony - sharing his glory with Chris =)

Very Very Proud Parents =)

* Tall, dark and handsome *

Saying his goodbyes to Christina...

His three friends who came to send him off - Andy, Nicholas and Kenneth.

As you can see it's been a pretty busy weekend! And the week before it even crazier - 4 CAs and 1 SPA, tonnes of homework, netball trainings, making new and collecting passports! Haha...the weekend was filled with driving and driving and GOOD FOOD and FUN RELATIVES! I had an awesome time but it would have been way better if Hiresh had been with us for the wedding. Anyway, another week has started and things to look forward to are Netball Match tmr, Valentine's Day (JFHACKKS!!!!) on Wed, Netball Trg on Thurs and CNY celebrations and half day of school on Fri before the long weekend break till next Tuesday. I'm gonna have an awesome week =) i hope.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Too bad...I'm not dead yet!

Wow…Even I haven’t been to my blog since I last posted. But I have my reasons – I’ve been really busy with Project Nemo, Christmas in Sabah, Alumni Stuff, starting school and of course meeting up with old friends! And so as usual, I will now post a myriad of pictures of my activities during the holidays!

As for the Sabah pictures, since there are only about 256 of them, I’ve posted them on
www.snapfish.com - my email address (hrheyad@hotmail.com) being the username and ‘family’ being the password!

Enjoy the snapshots and I’ll try to blog more often =)

Project Nemo

Sheryl and My Shadow - we were bored =)

Our Living Conditions on Pulau Segayang. It seems pretty good but wait till we tell you about the leaking floor tiles, the cockroaches, the milipedes, the showerhead and its electric shocks and of course our unflushable toilet bowl...

Again we were bored - this is Fairus', Sheryl's, Wen Xi's and my feet. Sheryl's and mine are buried thanks to me =)

Our heads now! Sheryl, I, WenXi and Fairus! It was a really really windy day!

And this is our view from the kelong that stretched along the jetty! Clear, blue water - very scenic =)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

and more photos...

Kyara with her form teacher Ms Lee during her Graduation Ceremony...aww..they look so cute together...i want a lollipop too!

And here's Kyara with her Kindergarten principal who was my principal 12 years ago and she's still there and the funny thing is she keeps looking younger haha...good for you Mrs Lu!

And of course time with the family is most important! here's Kyara all ready for her Primary 1 Orientation at CHIJ Kellock Convent! Haha..so fast!


And we're back to TCC again where we were disturbing Celina and i just couldn't get enough haha...and i've got a pic of Kiri! Woo hoo for me!

And not forgetting my CJ Pals! 1T31 class outing at Settlers, Holland Village. Even Mrs Chong joined us! We had a blast playing taboo, cluedo and some fish market game which was the best!
We must go again sometime soon =)

This was our lovely surprise to Celina. We crashed her workplace and made her serve us. Behind the menu, we have Kiri followed by KQ, A.L and then Song Im, Farhanah and myself =)

More chill-out time with Joy, Kiri and Cel at ThaiExpress! I wonder...who's idea was it to go there hehehe... =) This was followed by gossip on the roof of the esplanade - fun!fun!fun!

After all the sports, it's time sit back and chill with good friends! Here's a pic of us doing a bit of karaoke-ing. Celina took the picture and Dylan, A.L and I are in it =)


This was after tennis at Cel's place. haha we wore complimentary jerseys but my tennis playing was not very complimentary haha.

This was after tennis at my place. Christina, Masheyr, Dylan, A.L and cutie Kyara and of course me!

I made a new friend - Tiff from A.L's class! haha another crazy ODAC member =)

More on sports, this is A.L, Don, Sheryl, Dylan and I on our Badminton outing at Delta which was followed by lunch, pool and bowling at Great World =)

This is my CJ Netball Team! I love all these people! haha..that ball was s'posed to hit Vanessa's head!!!!

Yawn...how long has it been?

Wow...it's been a long time since i've last blogged haha...let's see....what's been going on?

It's now the end-year holidays which is more like a study break for JC Kids. Poor us. But i haven't been studying so it doesn't make a difference to me.

Anyway, i think a photo montage will do the job of updating so look at the next post for updates =)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not forgetting Hari Raya!

Here's the whole family crashing Aunty June's house for a taste of her delicious sambal goreng, fried chicken wings, sayur lodeh, begedils, mutton curry and the list goes on...Aunty Melina was visiting and Hafiz was over at Aunty June's place too. This is before we've eaten and that's why we can all fit into this picture. haha =)
The food has been laid before us. Everyone, get your grub on!

Mum in her Baju Kebaya which was tailored by one of Aunty June's friend and whose material was purchased by Aunty Melina. haha...Masheyr is successfully ruining the picture by sticking his head in.

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school...boo hoo...but eventhough it was, 1T31 still had a great time bowling at Marina Bay! We actually managed to get 15 people involved and this was our second successful class outing of the year! Yippee...next one will be Karaoke: Oldies Night! coming up after the subpapers. Can't wait! rock on 1T31 =)
My bowling team - we came in second and then first! Serena, Dylan and I! We make a great team!~

1T31 with our buddies - Amanda, Meng Die and Karen!

On the bus - Pet, Priss and Yong Lin, the poser dude (according to Pet)!

Ms Lim's last day with us! She's like the third tutor to leave T31 this year. We'll miss her!

Lunch at Pizza Hut - only 8 bucks each. yeah it's not that cheap - can buy 4 chicken rice (s) and feed 8 kids. Tsk tsk.

K.L Trip 2006

This week has been an exceptional one because i got to 'officially' miss one day of school out of the 3 days of compulsory school. And it's all thanks to the KL trip - some pictures from the trip are below!
Me at the Beach in Port Dickson. I'm wearing jeans because
the plan was to NOT go to Port Dickson. haha =)

Mum's & Aunty Chris' Bdays were celebrated in KL on the 22nd of October - 45 yrs old!

Little Baby Ethan and Kyara! They're both so cute! I just love Ethan's curls!

On Deepavalli night in our hotel room - Shaneil is being the extra!

Mum and I! Some ppl thought she was my sister. Now...is that bad or good?

Monday, October 16, 2006

I had a bad day! I'm taking one down!

Today was one bad bad day
But for reasons i cannot say.
Found out something I didn't want to hear
And waited almost an eternity for her.
Abandoned because of a phone call and angry heart
I left quietly, deeply disappointed , but without a start.
And now a feeling of sadness and weariness overwhelms me
As my life and its shell clamps upon me.

I sing a sad song but not to turn it around.

Friday, October 06, 2006

As promised.

Petrina and Don who were the artists who painted bodies and faces for CIP hours haha!
Now we're back at the bowling alley - 1T31 ROCK ON!
AL, Me,, Pet, Don and Dylan after finally completing 6 hours of CIP at the church!
The four strong independent females of the day!
This is the six of us - Don, Me, Cel, Sheryl, AL and Dylan - after bowling yesterday!

Dylan, Me and Alicia! We're the three musketeers who ran the Colouring Contest!
Ok guys...this post of pictures must be read from bottom up - i don't know why the pictures got jumbled but they did so deal with it! Haha =)


Haha...that greeting is me quoting Joy who's quoting from Brave New World haha...ok ANYWAY, I've been really really really bored these last few days with the incessant 3 hour breaks that i have to endure in school. Evelyn has been a great help - she welcomed me into her home - the CJ Hostel which reminds me i'm supposed to send her some snail mail haha...

The last time i posted was Monday and now it's friday so let me review the events of the week since i've nothing else to do. On Monday,after school, the netball team painted our netball banner for CJ's open house coming up on the 14th of October! haha eventhough our eventual design for the banner was really simple, it took a lot of hard work, most of which i didn't do, but it was hard work! And for the last 20 minutes, i've been trying to figure out what i did on Tuesday because all i can remember is that i came home from school at 4pm and i can't rmb what i did after curriculum time. So if anyone remembers, please let me now!!!

Wednesday was another 3 hr break day but i had tonnes of fun after school because Dylan, Alicia and I went to play table tennis and then basketball at my place after lunch...it felt so good to run around and play sports! I miss playing netball but i don't miss netball training haha...and Thursday was another fruitful day - it was badminton with Alicia, Sheryl, Don, Celina, Dylan and I before we went bowling and then for dinner! Haha =)

Today i spent my 3 hr break helping Evelyn paint (very little) of her library manner which she did all by herself and it looks soooo good! haha...after school, had lunch with Dylan and Alicia and then we did 20 mins worth of CIP with the student council and then i came home and now i'm slacking my time away haha. Tonight there's Ghostwhisperer yay!

What's coming up on the weekend? Tmr's Saturday and Evelyn, Dylan and I are supposed to go get our class jerseys and then i think i'm meeting Joy to do sth haha and Sunday, i'm doing CIP with Evelyn at Bishan park haha..i think the SPCA roadshow thing on Sunday is going to be fun - can't wait!

My next post will include pics from our CIP at St. Ignatius Church and our bowling/badminton expedition yesterday =)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Wow...this blog is dying so i'm here to revive it! The exams are over and i'm only left with a malay mock exam and the eventual A'Level malay examination in November! Kiren, Kav and Aunty Christianne were down for a week last week but i couldn't do much with them because of the exams. But now i'm FREE!!! And that's the reason why i'm here because i finished school at 10 but everyone ends at 12 and i have to wait for them to paint the netball banner later. Hope that's going to be fun but i can't do much because i brought a "huge" brush which is smaller than half my thumb =)

Just got back my Malay results just now and i must say i'm pretty shocked! I passed and the summary which i wrote in one attempt in exactly 60 words got me 17/20 which is amazing because i don't normally do that well for Malay - with out without trying haha...and thank God i passed overall with a C though i was aiming for a B but nonetheless, a pass is good enough! Yippee!

Yesterday was superfun! Dylan, Don, Pet, AL and i helped out at St.Ignatius Church Children's Funfair and we had a blast painting as well as "jaga-ing" kids at our booths! haha...i'm proud to say i managed to lure about 30 children to take part in the colouring contest with a minnie mouse soft toy (although i made my sis participate 4 times) =)

I am planning a badminton game this Thursday for Dylan, Don, Chermaine, AL, Celina and i at our favourite hang-out delta Sports Complex. haha but the thing is Don and Dylan don't really know about it yet haha but we'll just wait and see. Ah..finally..i see Evelyn. I'm waiting for her in the school library computer lab to start work on our FOURTH draft for Written Report, PW! I have no mood to do PW =( Oh well..the sooner it's over, the better.

In Chermaine's words, stooloos everybody!